Missing a potential lead to form abandonment translates to lost business, which is why form abandonment is a critical component of conversion rate optimization. Form abandonment is most likely the leading driver of lost revenue online for your company — esp. considering studies suggest, on average, over 2 in 3 form visitors leave before completion.

FormTracks helps you capture partial entries and convert extra leads from your existing web form in just a few clicks.

Apart from helping you capture 100% of leads that fill out your forms, our plug-n-play solution also enables you to increase your conversion rate with power-ups (i.e. Save & continue later, Auto follow-up emails )

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Here’s how to easily track form abandonment in Google Tag Manager.

How to track form abandonment with Google Tag Manager

Ready to start capturing & tracking leads from your forms?  With Google Tag Manager and FormTracks, it just takes a couple clicks!

  1. Add your website: As a preliminary step to setting up form abandonment in Google Tag Manager, you’ll need to just login to FormTracks & visit the Domains page and add your website where indicated in the screenshot below.


  2. Install code: Create a new Custom HTML tag in Google Tag Manager and copy & paste the Javascript code from the Install page (as seen below). Once you’ve done so & published your changes in GTM, you will immediately start capturing all form fills and leads from your web forms. If you haven’t created an HTML tag before, check out more details steps below; otherwise, you should be all set with form abandonment tracking in Google Tag Manager!

You can take this one step further by using FormTracks to send Auto follow-up emails or create Retargeting ads, so you can automatically recover abandoned form leads.

How to create Tags in Google Tag Manager

Many of you are probably already well acquainted with GTM: every interaction you want to track needs a tag (and sometimes, a trigger). For the sake of simplicity in this example, we’ll assume you want to trigger form abandonment tracking on all web forms, so the default “All Pages” trigger should be fine — you won’t need to create or change any triggers. If you want to track all form entries and form abandonment with GTM, you’ll need to create a Tag; here’s how to make one:

  1. Go to Tags
  2. Press New button
  3. In Tag Configuration choose Custom HTML:
    1. Ensure the Trigger is set as “All Pages”; if you’d only like to track form abandonment on specific pages, feel free to tweak accordingly.
    2. Simply paste the tracking code as indicated above in the instructions above. That’s all there is to it!

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